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Undi Saksama

A youth campaign to advocate for equal democratic representation for every Malaysian voter. Based on the principle of “Satu Rakyat, Satu Undi, Satu Nilai”, we aim to address gerrymandering, malapportionment and alternative voting systems and bring these conversations to the average citizen.

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The 111 Initiative

A youth campaign to build towards 50% women’s representation in Parliament and politics. We aim to build a new narrative of women in politics and get more women in positions of power.

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A youth campaign to institutionalize financing for forest conservation in the Federal Constitution. We aim to build a coalition of young Malaysians that are passionate about forest conservation and climate change.

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Senate 18

A youth campaign to lower the age of eligibility to become a Senator from 30 to 18 years old. We also hope to bring the Senate Reform conversation to the public.

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Undi18 Advocacy Approach

Undi18 built a powerful political movement that mobilized hundreds of thousands of Malaysian youth through social media. Online engagement with Undi18’s campaign material reached millions of impressions on Facebook and Twitter and more than a hundred thousand views on the campaign website in the four months ahead of parliament’s vote on the amendment.

We worked with grassroots organizations throughout Malaysia to disseminate campaign material and we cultivated campaign champions to shape the national narrative. We utilized digital marketing techniques together with strategic canvassing as part of our campaign strategy.

To achieve the constitutional amendment, we set out a 4-point approach for Undi18’s advocacy:

  1. Kickstart : Assembling a winning coalition
  2. Communication : Building social media momentum
  3. Engagement : Engaging rakyat to win over public opinion
  4. Lobbying : Playing the game of leverage

Through our latest digital campaigning projects and advocacy campaign, we aim to replicate the success of the Undi18 Advocacy Approach. Talk to us if you would like us to consult you on your campaign.