With 5 million new voters in the electoral roll, Voter Education is Important

One of Undi 18’s main goals is to increase political literacy in Malaysia through voter education. To achieve this, we create content such as videos and infographics to break down information that people would otherwise find unapproachable and incomprehensible.

Voter Education Videos

Understanding The Constitution

The Federal Constitution or the “Constitution” is, quite simply, the supreme law of the land. The current form of the Constitution contains 15 Parts – but what does it entail?

Understanding Malaysian Elections

It’s hard to miss an election in Malaysia. The open-air ceramahs, the hopeful faces of candidates peering at you from posters everywhere. But, how much does one actually know, and understand about elections?

Identifying Misinformation

The term ‘information disorder’ is currently being advocated by journalists worldwide in place of ‘fake news’, but what does this mean and how do we prevent being misinformed?

The Importance of Voting

Voting is a right of all Malaysian citizens. By voting, you express your choice for the candidate and party that you agree with the most as well as choosing to give power to a government that has your best interest as well as those of the nation at heart.

Understanding Government Structure

As the supreme law of the land, the Federal Constitution essentially sets up the three main institutions in order to govern Malaysia, namely the legislative, the executive and the judiciary, but what do they do exactly?

Introduction to Democracy

Having a democracy means the country is run by a government chosen by the people. Voting for the representatives you want to have in power determines your say in how Malaysia should be run.

Understanding Why Democracy Matters

As far as nations go, Malaysia is rather unique. We have a rotating monarchy where a YDPA is elected by the Majlis Raja-Raja every 5 years. And at the same time, Malaysia is also a parliamentary democracy. But what is a democracy, and how/why did Malaysia become one?