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Pemerkasaan demokrasi bermula dengan anak muda.
We are a non-partisan platform building a movement of champions for democracy.
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Building Champions Of Democracy,
Starting With Malaysian Youths

Promoting a youth-centric agenda and democratic reforms, Undi18 aims to bridge the gap between politicians, policymakers, and youth. We help Malaysians to read and understand policies beyond politics.
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Undi18's Core Demands

  1. Make democracy INCLUSIVE to youths and our concerns
  2. Make democracy EQUAL by reforming electoral and parliamentary processes
  3. Make democracy STRONG by upholding freedom of speech and assembly

What We Do: Impact Through Youths

What We Do: Campaigns for Change


Media Mentions

Youth volunteers urge EC to improve postal ballot system

18 November 2022
The Star

KLSCAH gets overwhelming support to sort 30k postal ballots

18 November 2022

Undi Pos Luar Negara Tersusun, Undi18 Sedia Sistem Untuk Kembalikan Kertas Undi

18 November 2022

GE15: Race to bring ballots home

18 November 2022

Rush to send 32,000 overseas ballots to respective states

18 November 2022
The Malaysian Insight

Improve postal voting system or risk low turnout of new voters, EC urged

21 September 2022
The Star
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