What We Do: Impacting Through the Youths

Empowering, educating and engaging Malaysian youth.

Parlimen Digital

Parlimen Digital is a youth-led initiative to organize a virtual parliamentary sitting to propose recommendations to address the economic and health crisis in Malaysia. This initiative gathered 222 youth representatives from all across Malaysia on a virtual platform to debate, thus showcasing the feasibility of a virtual parliamentary democracy.

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Undi Ketiga

Restoring the third vote through Malaysia's first ever digital simulation of a Local Council Election on 12th December - 13th December 2020; featuring candidates, voters and observers from Shah Alam. With Undi Ketiga, we aim to advocate for Local Council members to be elected in order to hold them accountable to the rakyat and maintain transparency in their decision making process.

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Seeds for Democracy

Our flagship education program to develop competences of Malaysian youths on active citizenship, voter education and participation in political, economic and social life through experiential learning and simulations.

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Campaigns for Change

A coalition of young Malaysians who are actively working to address problems on a national-scale through youth-centric, policy-based activism. Issues addressed are gender disparity, democratic reforms and environmentalism.

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Generasi Undi18

Undi 18’s voter education initiatives which seeks to develop a generation of educated, critical and engaged young voters.

Sweet Spot Malaysia: a Digital Youth Hackathon for Diabetes

A Digital Youth Hackathon for Diabetes is ideated by Sanofi, supported by Ministry of Health Malaysia and powered by Undi 18 and Arus Academy. Sweet Spot Malaysia engaged young changemakers in using design-thinking and policy-making, to come together to tackle Malaysia’s silent epidemic, diabetes.

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