Parlimen Digital

During the start of the pandemic, Undi 18 organised “Parlimen Digital” to create a framework on how Parliament can hold parliamentary sessions virtually. Parlimen Digital was the first youth-led virtual Parliament session in the world. The initiative had 222 youth participants to reflect the number of MPs in Parliament. These youths debated and discussed possible policies on a variety of issues by using Microsoft Teams.

Not only did Parlimen Digital demonstrate that it was possible to hold productive debates virtually, but also that when given the opportunity to express their opinions dynamically, the youth will seize it.

Akademi Parlimen Digital

After organising Parlimen Digital, Undi18 held Akademi Parlimen Digital, a series of five workshops to empower and educate the participants on various aspects of advocacy and how utilise their resources to create an impactful response.

These five workshops are:

Engaging Stakeholders Workshop
Working with the Media Workshop
#InspireForum: Young Politicians Taking Charge
Making Advocacy Programs Accessible
Fundraising for a Cause (Introduction to Grant Writings for Beginners)

Engaging Stakeholders Workshop

In this workshop, participants learnt about the basics of building relationships and forming allies to empower your movement. In addition, participants gained insight into identifying and building partnerships.